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These blades offer a substantial improvement over the inferior chromevanadium blades that come with most contemporary tools. Finck covers not just making wood planes but how to tune spoke shaves and sharpen cabinet scrapers. Hock tools wooden plane kit has been redesigned to do away with the separate sole plate. Working with handplanes the new best of fine woodworking. These planes are ready to use from the box and do not need hours of flattening and fettling to make them fit for use though we would always recommend a quick hone. I had swapped a few letters around trying to find information, but hadnt come up with ibbotson. Plane blade replacements are available to soup up your new hand plane or invigorate an old plane. Last week i had the pleasure of going back to the midlands, the place where i was born, to meet an excellent fellow named robert who had some wooden planes for sale.

An eightminute seminar about why hock blades are better, how to adjust your plane for best performance and the zero radius goal of sharpening. Build furniture and other projects with ease, our step by step instructions will show you how. To maximize your plane s performance, a thicker chip breaker cap iron can stabilize the blade s cutting edge reducing vibration and chatter. This hands down the best woodworking book i own and i own a lot of book like this one.

While sourcing blades to be referenced in this writeup, i was able to speak directly to mr. The gentleman who owned these really looked after them. Krenovstyle wood block plane kit w hock plane iron. After a cumulative hour of solid spokeshaving the blade still cuts through paper with ease. Ever since, shes been itching to get back into business.

Though quite simple, planes are enormously versatile and practical when skillfully used. Hock irons are made from ultra fine grained high carbon steel or for the utlimate blade durability hock s cryogenically treated a2 steel irons. Shop for wood working hand planes at hartville tool. Im familiar with the workings of a plane and still had to concentrate on the topic and work on visualization of the planes in my mind carefully. These are her picks of books about woodworking that she knows youll be interested in. Classic hand tools are the exclusive uk stockist of ron hock blades. For further reading, i would highly recommend david fincks wonderful book making and mastering wood planes or the article. Woodworking books, plans and cds allow you to study the methods of woodworking experts to reduce the learning curve on woodworking projects and save valuable time in the workshop. Making traditional wooden planes the book is okay but lacks a more in depth explanation and the diagrams are not as precise as they should be. Classic hand tools welcomes you to our website from where we have been selling fine hand tools, books and accessories to woodworking enthusiasts and professionals since 2003.

A smoother plane has a blade at a fairly high angle that allows it to cut fine shavings in wood with difficult grain. Old wooden plane help identifying the iron and looking for tips on refurb thanks all. The reader will enjoy it even if he never puts blade to wood. Ron hock s aftermarket blades for these stanley scraper planes are thicker, heavier, and will perform a lot better than the stock blades. So while researching plane blades not only for plane construction, but also for replacing an iron on my old stanley jointer, i came to ron hock s web page. Shorter than traditional blade assemblies, these are specially designed for the lowslung wooden planes popularized by james krenov. Im a big fan of phils work and use his planes nearly every day. David welter gets down to the nuts and bolts of how to make a wooden plane. These blades are also easier to hone than blades alloyed with tungsten or chromium. Hand planing wood, working with a fine hand plane is one of the most pleasant of all woodworking tasks. Nov 09, 2011 tommy mac of rough cut woodworking with tommy mac shows his preferred method for sharpening plane blades. Mel, as i get older than my profile, life gets easier.

The original prewar stanley blade gave up after a few passes. How to build 3 basic hand planes popular mechanics. Use would be normal furniture making in a home shop. People claim old record planes had a vanadium steel.

Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. I built a wooden plane just the other day using a 4 hock blade. Joe rogers, northern virginia i installed a full thickness lienielsen blade in my sargent 409c vbm vintage plane. Woodriver blade replacement blade for block plane wood. Since they sell some pretty nice wooden plane kits, he knew exactly what would be needed for this particular project. We offer seven different plans to help you make your own wooden plane. Iron im using a hock blade complete with cap iron chip breaker made to fit the stanley no. Philly planes make a full range of traditional hand planes from block planes to jointers and moulding planes. Steel mushrooms blades and destroys bodies over time.

Regardless which plane iron you select, get a jump start on keeping your plane irons sharp with the highland woodworking sharpening kit for plane irons. Build a wooden hand plane from a hock plane kit youtube. It has a curved sole with a longitudinal 36 radius, for planing the concave. The entire plane is now made from jarrah to make assembly very fast and easy. For myself, im planning to build more wooden planes, which are gradually displacing the metalbodied planes in my shop. Purchase the video from me in dvd or streaming format below. Last year i extended my hollows and rounds and bought a box of spare blades of all shapes and sizes at very low cost. Its like i can feel the generations of woodworkers that i came from, and feel closer to. Spaulding mclean, indicating that it was made by nathaniel spaulding of mclean, new york, who made planes in mcclean from 1824 to 1860 before moving to ithica and changing his makers mark. Kits for planes, spokeshaves and shoulder planes hock tools. These replacement blades for bench planes are made from ultra finegrained high carbon tool steel, which takes a sharper edge than alloys like chromevanadium steel or hss. See more ideas about wood toys, wooden boats and wooden toys. O1 high carbon steel blades can be honed easier and sharper. Into the bargain, you have a free hand in the shape you give your plane.

Excited to have such a great collection of moulding planes in such wonderful condition. Ron hock explains the benefits of hock blades and shows how to set up hand planes in this short video. Rather than mess with new it is more fun to go back to wooden planes. We stock replacement blades for stanley, clifton, lie nielsen and other hand plane brands. If youre ready to make your own plane but are uncertain about the exact dimensions and angles, our fullscale plans will help you succeed. Recently i made my first plane and as that one went so well i decided to make a small block plane using an old mower blade. Whether you are a woodworking professional or amateur enthusiast, the condition, rarity, and desirability of vintage hand planes are all factors to consider when making your next purchase. We used irons specifically designed for wooden planes, available from hock tools, 16650 mitchell creek.

Hock plane kits and replacement blades infinity tools. Hock s highcarbon tool steel blades can be honed easier and sharper. Oct 07, 20 much of my plane collection is made up of wooden ones and if theyre for fine use then i can use that as an excuse to go new. I purchased making and mastering wood planes to do just that but this book is so much more. Hock irons have long been prized for their excellent hardness, rigidity and edge retention. Feel free to visit us here at our showroom in suffolk where all our tools, books etc are on display. By teaming up with some of the worlds leading aviation experts we are able to offer an unrivalled list of aviation publications. If you have the desire to do the same, you can start nowhere better than by acquiring and devouring this valuable book. Or you can adapt one of them, using it as the basis for your own design. Why are some blades black dark gray and some shiny.

Sharpening plane blades with tommy mac presented by woodcraft. Top sellers newest price, low to high price, high to low top rated. Ideal for the cabinet maker and discerning woodworker, both amateur and professional. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. We keep good stock levels of both a2 and high carbon steel blades at all times. Be sure to consider a hock plane iron, as the best hand plane blades made today it might be the right blade for your hand plane. The tormek wet sharpening system and other grinders are available at woodcraft stores. Reading a woodworking book is the easiest and least expensive way to. With a well tuned hand plane and a sharp plane iron you can create a finish better than sandpaper, or cut edge joints. Dec 21, 2014 balsa wood, providing rigid frames in thousands of wind turbine blades, is in short supply especially as blades get longer. Hock makes replacement blades and chipbreakers for bench planes, block planes, scrapers and spokeshaves. We invest heavily to ensure high stock levels so you are rarely disappointed when you order. Vintage wood working 14 pull knife blade wood plane cccc ebay.

Hock tools kits for wooden planes and spokeshaves make the job easy. Iron planes, wood planes, japanese planes, specialty planes and our own. Ron hock explains the benefits of hock blades and shows how to set up hand planes. None of the planes commercially available comes with the blades you will find on this page.

Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Vintage wood working 14 pull knife blade wood plane cccc. These hock kits are ideal for the novice as well as the professional woodworker who wants a premium wood plane that can be shaped to your specific needs and liking. Chisel plane with a hawgnutz design homemade tools. Old wooden plane help identifying the iron and looking for. Set your breaker very close to the cutting edge to best prevent tearout. Stanley no 6 fore plane restoration part 5 veritas. Many of the replacement plane blades and parts we hold fit traditional planes such as stanley planes and record planes. Including saws, router bits, clamps, router tables, and drill bits. Veritas wooden plane hardware kit with this kit and basic woodworking skills you can build a beveldown wood bodied smooth plane with a norrisstyle mechanism for easy depth and lateral adjustment. Accurately measure your individual scraper plane parts mouth and clamp for the scraper iron. Rob cosman sharpening plane blades presented by woodcraft. Now in its third printing, making and mastering wood planes by master craftsman david finck is the definitive book in the field and a classic introduction to the art of fine woodworking.

Spaulding skew rabbet plane this antique wooden skewed rabbet or shoulder plane features its original blade and is marked, n. Plane accessories perpendicularity and flatness of hand planes free ebook by. While i dont consider myself a real carver, i find myself applying details on a regular basis that are too fine for power tools. Hock krenovstyle plane blades with chip breakers lee. To maximize your planes performance, a thicker chip breaker cap iron can stabilize the blades cutting edge reducing vibration and chatter. Make your own high quality hand plane for woodworking and cutlery knives from an easy to assemble kit. Kits for planes, spokeshaves, scraper and shoulder planes.

Hand planes are the living link between woodworking hands and the wood they work on, bonding the craftsman to the craft. Vitamin a japanese paw plane is also known as a kanna. I also used the forge from my last video to heat treat the blade. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle device required. Fascinating background information on the development and manufacture of handplanes shows the rich heritage of this versatile tool. Blades sharpening by place if your not local anesthetic to the arena you hand plane blades can post us your blunt blades scissors and tools inward the post. That said the adjuster was at the very limits of engagment due to the added distance between the chipbreaker and the frog. Harvard university researchers have found a way to mimic woods cell. Details about vintage wood working 14 pull knife blade wood plane cccc.

The entire plane is now made from jarrah to make assembly very. The book will guide any level of woodworker through all the steps and procedures in great detail, to arrive at a hand plane that is a joy to work with. Aug 14, 2015 if you truly appreciate using wooden planes then you should only hit the wooden parts of the plane with a wooden mallet and the metal iron with a metal peen. What youll need if you plan to build along with us then heres what youll need to follow the same jack plane design. Blades and plans for krenovstyle wooden planes hock tools.

Buy making traditional wooden planes 1st edition by john m. Replacement blades for older hand planes finewoodworking. Replacement blades for wooden planes whether you are seeking for replacement blades for your wooden plane or trying to start your own planemaking project, here you are at the right place. These are 332 thick except the sp200x which is 564 for the. Weve done all the precision milling of bubinga and beech.

Many of our titles include stunning colour photographs and our colour profiles are now world renowned. The kit includes a blade, a norrisstyle adjuster with a steel cup to seat it in, plus a knob, tapped insert and cross pin for the lever cap, all made of brass. Dec 15, 2017 in order to produce a smoother surface, one needs to make sure that their planes throat is closed as much as possible enter planes with adjustable mouths or planes whose blade assembly the frog can be moved backward or forward to open or close the throat. Hock replacement blades in sargent planes joe rogers, northern virginia i installed a full thickness lienielsen blade in my sargent 409c vbm vintage plane. Close the throat of a plane by shimming the blade popular. He shows how to lay out the mouth, fit the cheeks to the plane body, position and index the plane body, and put in the crosspin. The stanley 81, 12, and 112 are no longer in production but were very popular in their day and are very available on the antique and used market now. These handmade blades are substantially better than the stock blades supplied with planes today. Using the same basic principles that made 19th century edge tools so great, ron hock is carrying on this tradition of craftsmanship in the 21st century.

I wasnt quite as familiar with his plane building kits, however. I knew that hock was known for his sharpening book and blog, and also for his quality plane irons. They fit both ulmia and ece planes, if the requested. The articles in this book, collected from fine wood working with handplanes the new best of fine woodworking. Balsa wood subsitute developed for wind turbine blades. At 332 thick, these blades offer a substantial improvement over the standard blades. Hock tools offer the finest blades for hand woodworking tools, as well as kits and accessories to make hand woodworking easier and. He explains how to select the woods and irons, square up the block, and cut the cheeks. It covers all the basics, including how to buy a plane, tune it up, and use it.

We cannot guarantee that the blades offered here fit any other planes than those spezified below. The handplane book is a complete guide to one of the best known and most collectable hand tools. Part number 101653 is a replacement iron and chip breaker combo for the smoothing plane and part number 101660 is a replacement iron for the block plane kit. The plane is probably the most revered of all tools. The difference will be obvious as soon as you start honing and will impress you as you use the blade. Make your own krenovstyle wooden plane kit with hock tools bladeand breaker sets. Well i know veritas and ln tend to use a2, i have heard of aftermarket blades being o1 as well. Block planes provide an opportunity for some very innovative sharpening, but they are probably among the worstmade planes on the market today. Contact my new publisher, lost arts press about obtaining copies. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Whelan, this book is the finest and most complete work on the making of wooden planes in print. Jun 12, 2009 learn hand tool sharpening specifically hand plane blades from a master woodworking instructor, rob cosman. Blades without chipbreaker for all planes that hold the blade with a wedge, i.

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