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Az anyag vagy keverek megfelelo azonositott felhasznalasa, illetve ellenjavallt felhasznalasa azonositott felhasznalas ok. Total propose des lubrifiants et services adaptes aux attentes des professionnels. Rubia tir 7900 15w40 was developed for the newest post 2007 low emission diesel engines with aftertreatment systems using low sulfur or ultralow sulfur diesel fuel. It enables coverage of a fleet of mixed brands, with a minimal number of products. Total rubia tir 7900 15w40 is suitable for euro 6 and previous renault trucks and volvo engines and for most other manufacturers up yo euro 5. If you have product data sheets pds or manufacturer safety data sheets msds for rubia tir 6400 15w40 please share it with us. Total rubia tir contributes to your business in 3 ways. Detergent, dispersant and antiwear properties keep the engine clean and enable efficient control of soot, sludge and piston deposits. Rubia tir 6400 15w40 msds free download as pdf file. Mineral lubricant for diesel engines suitable for onroad applications adapted to the needs of the engine. Total rubia tir 7900 15w40 is adapted to onroad diesel technology heavyduty, urban transport, delivery.

Adrian p alu san aplicat ii caracteristici avantaje performant e perfor mant e tehn ice. Page 2 sur 2 donnes physicochimiques total rubia tir 8600 fe 10w30 methode valeur masse volumique a 15c kgm3 astm d1298 865 viscosite cinematique a 40c mm2s astm d445 82. Rubia tir 7900 syn na 5w40 pib tlc bassett petroleum. Total rubia tir 6400 15w40 metode verdi tetthet ved 15 c kgm3 astm d1298 888 kinematisk viskositet ved 40 c mm2s astm d445 98,7 kinematisk viskositet ved 100 mm2s astm d445,4 viskositetsindeks astm d2270 6 flammepunkt c astm d92 236 flytepunkt c astm d97 30 t. Total rubia tir 6400 15w40 is particularly adapted to euro 3 and previous engine generations, such as renault trucks and mercedesbenz vehicles. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet supplier total uk limited one euston square 40 melton street. Pentru conformitate, director asisten ta tehnic a total lubricants romania s. Rubia tir 6400 15w40 msds chemistry materials prueba. Rubia tir 6400 15w40 june 2010 n mpr 0909 this lubricant, used in accordance with our recommandations and for the application for which it is intended, does not represent a special hazard.

The full range of total lubricants is available on request. Formulated to meet the most severe servicing conditions for both on and offhighway diesel powered equipment. Product name rubia tir 6400 15w40 number 08q substancemixture mixture 1. Product identifier for the full text of the hstatements mentioned in this section, see section 2. Please contact customer service or your total sale representative for stock and availability. Total quartz 5000 15w40 is a mineral oilbased engine lubricant approved and recommended by peugeot and citroen and which meets the. Delvac 15w40 delvac super 0 15w40 disola w rubia tir 6400 15w40 ursa marine 15w40 sirius 15w40 rimula 15w40 tection 15w40 ch4 15w40 diesel engine oil marbrax ccd 420 power mdo 4020 ils disola m 4020 taro 20 dp 40 argina s 40 tlx plus 204 marbrax ccd 410 power mdo 4015 disola m 3020. N level total base number 14 mgkohg to neutralize acid compounds and prevent their corrosive attack. With its lowsaps low sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur technology, total rubia tir 7900 fe 10w30, protects engines equipped with any kind of posttreatment systems, such as diesel particulate filters dpfs. Product name rubia tir 6400 15w40 number 08q pure substancemixture mixture 1. Total rubia tir 7800 15w40 is approved by most manufacturers, such as cummins, man, mercedesbenz and volvo.

Engineered technology total rubia tir con teconologia t. The product has been developed to comply with environmental standards, reducing emissions and other pollutants, while increasing the energy efficiency of the vehicle, thus reducing. Total rubia tir 7400 15w40 conserva una viscosita stabile in servizio, che garantisce una buona lubrificazione del motore in condizioni impegnative. Automobile, deuxroues, transport, travaux publics, monde agricole, peche. Rubia tir 7400 15w40 rubia tir 6400 15w40 mbapproval 228. Euh210 talep halinde guvenlik bilgi formu saglanabilir euh208 icerik calcium long chain alkarylsulphonate, calcium long chain alkaryl sulfonate. Store at room temperature, protected against contact with water and moisture, and away from any source of ignition. Total rubia tir 7900 fe 10w30 is used in onroad diesel heavyduty applications. A safety data file conforming to the requirements of current ec legislation is available from your local trade consultant. Page 2 sur 2 donnees physicochimiques total rubia tir 9200 fe 5w30 method eval ur masse volumique a 15c kgm3 astm d1298 860 viscosite cinematique a 40c mm2s astm d445 72. Fleet operators wishing to improve the performance and lifespan of their vehicles, while reducing fuel consumption, should choose total rubia tir fe engine oils. The total rubia 7400 15w40 is adapted to euro 5 and previous engines of some manufacturers with appropriate oil drain intervals. Identification of the substancemixture and of the companyundertaking regulation ec no 12722008 1. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against identified uses motor oil.

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