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In this section, the term driver record notification system means a system that automatically furnishes an employer with a report, generated by the appropriate agency of a state, on the change in the status of an employee s driver s license due to a conviction for a moving violation, a failure to appear, an accident, driver s license suspension, driver s license revocation, or any other action taken against the driving privilege. If an existing employee has a valid drivers license but the employees driving record falls at or below probationary status criteria defined above, the employee will. Applicant assistance current customers north america. This usually occurs in cases where an employer provides a vehicle for the employees use, since illegal activities or reckless driving on the employees part can be a liability for the employer. Using mvr reports to screen potential employees shareable for. In california, potential employers can check your dmv records as part of a background check for a job. In others and this is the recommended approach access to the employee personnel file is restricted to hr and the employee under supervision. How driving records influence hiring decisions drive. Check driving records, mvr, dmv records accusource, inc. An employer can legally check a potential employees drivers license record as part of a background check. An employer may check the motor vehicle or driving record history of their candidates, particularly those who will drive the employers vehicle or operate. Can a potential employer check my driving records in california.

However, an employee is unlikely to be fired for his or her driving record unless their job requires them to have a valid license commercial or. You are also required to obtain 1 driving record every 12 months. A driver licensed in another state that does not have a prior california record, will be assigned an index number x number for. Its common for employers to check employee driver records to verify identification or before the employee is allowed to drive a company car. A motor vehicle record mvr is a report of an individuals driving history. Employers have a duty to assess, train and supervise staff who drive as part of.

To determine the types of driver records available, see below. When can your employer fire you over your driving record. You may order a driver record for a texas driver license, commercial driver license or identification card online or by mail. Some also enable organisations to keep records of who has been assessed or. Employer pull notice epn program general information. The hireright dac report stores work histories on terminated drivers for more than 2,500 carriers across the country and contains over 6 million driver records, with thousands added every month. Personnel files are the main employee records utilized by the employer, the employee, and the employees manager, in some companies. At the time of application, carriers must contact all states where each driver holds, or has held in the past 3 years, a motor vehicle operators license or permit to obtain the driver s motor vehicle record mvr 49 cfr 391. The department cannot provide inperson driver record services at any of our locations.

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