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The real one hasnt finished yet its certification, the virtual one is ready to fly. November 2017 at dubai air show 2017, taqnia aeronautics announced a partnership with other saudi companies to produce the an2 locally as well as the sikorsky uh60 black hawk helicopter and the chinese ch5 unmanned aerial vehicle uav. Perhaps most interestingly, the aircraft has no stall speed. Like many modern vtolstol aircraft, it can even fly backward. The map case on the copilots side of the cockpit has the ability to change into a settings screen when you press one of its controls. Fs2004 antonov an148 turkish airlines 2 antonov an148 turkish airlines. The antonov an12 is a fourengine turboprop transport aircraft designed in the soviet union. Todays plane will be the antonov an 148 from jardesign. This latest version enables xplane 11 compatibility. This is basically a linkdump of most of the aircraft i have found. Antonov an148 passenger transport aircraft aerospace technology. Operated by air tractor, a croatian company based at osijekcepin ldoc, which usually specialises in aerial cropdusting with its an2 fleet. Former hungarian airline farnair had several l410s but unfortunately one of them halar has crashed near iasi airport in romania. Reviews, opinions about the airliner, discussion of the antonov an 148 aircraft.

June 2017 the antonov an2 was showcased at the 2017 paris air show. It can operate for approximately ten hours and its maximum cruising altitude is 12. If you have some trouble with plugin on mac just try rename an148 aircraft folder from long. Antonov an24 virtual cockpit for fsx plenty of virtual knobs. Development of a fourengined airliner intended for use on routes from 500 to 2000 kilometers 310 to 1,262 miles began at the end of 1955. The an 148 is a development of the antonov an74tk300. Designed in 1946 in the ussr, and produced consistently for 45 years afterward, its a big piece of aviation history. The an 148 is a new generation regional jet, intended to transport 65 to 80 passengers. It is the military version of the antonov an 10 and has many variants. The an148 aircraft is a highwing monoplane with two turbofan jet engines mounted in. The antonov an 148 is a new regional airliner of twinturbofan configuration.

Welcome aboard this test flight from indianapolis to lafayette, in. It carries up to 48 passengers at speeds of over km and at altitudes of up to 7000m. Flight model and g updated to be closer to the real, 100% prepar3d v4 compatible. Sadly that time it was out of service due to money problems. The antonov an158 is a stretched fuselage version of the aircraft, accommodating up to 100 passengers following a crash in february 2018, all an 148 and an158 in russia were grounded by the russian ministry of transport. If you want tech support, please ask in the thread on the subject. An148300mp is a twinengine maritime patrol aircraft being developed by antonov, a stateowned aerospace and defence company headquartered in kiev. The airbus a310 is a medium to longrange twinengined widebody jet airliner that was developed and manufactured by airbus. Double click the xplane 10 installer icon to launch the installer. Tug master by jardesign crew is windows addon for xplane 10 flight simulator windows plugin for 3264 bit xplane 10 or mac os plugin for 64 bit xplane 10. Aerosoft have pushed out another update for their recently released antonov an2, here are all the changes in the recent updates. Includes textures for cubana, ukraine international, and a repaint for emercom of russia ra61715.

Xp11 dreamliner boeing 7879 xplane 11 10 dreamliner 7879 updated to 1. A stretched version is in development, the an158 from 6070 to 90100 passengers. The turbolet was the first plane i could check out close up and touch as a kid. The an24 is the most popular soviet turboprop aircraft. Fsx antonov an225 lufthansa download summary downloads flight simulator x cargo aircraft fsx antonov an225 lufthansa. An148300mp maritime patrol aircraft naval technology. February 2018 an antonov an148 airliner, operating under the colors of saratov airlines flight 703, was lost on february 11th, 2018 shortly after taking off. If youd like to fly this plane precisely, you can download flight manual in pdf format from here. If you need free fsx an225 download fsx an225 for windows. Downloads flight simulator x cargo aircraft fsx antonov an225 lufthansa. Found this at the website and it seems a quite interesting aircraft package the antonov an2 version 3. It was designed to replace the outdated il12 and il14. An aircraft type designator is a two, three or fourcharacter alphanumeric code designating every aircraft type and some subtypes that may appear in flight planning.

Dimitri samborskis antonov an148 updated by adding the lotarev d36. According to the uploader after thinking for a long time, ive decided to open the source files for the antonov an2. Xplane is packaged with other software to build and customize aircraft and scenery, offering a complete flight simulation environment. Antonov an148 for microsoft flight simulator 2004 only. Live tracking maps, flight status, and airport delays for airline flights, privatega flights, and airports. Many an24 are operated on local airlines in russia, ukraine. Antonov an148 by eugeny jar romanov and viatcheslav. As usual type my name colin reece in the avsim file search if you want them.

The beamng rendition of the antonov an12b includes an inbuilt way to configure certain aircraft options. In a post to the aerosoft forums, community manager, mathijs kok wrote. Perfect external 3d model with 2012 sharklet design and classic wingtips design, cfm56 pw engines. Can be used with many type of xplane 10 aircraft with the nosewheel. Top10 freeware heavy aircraft for xplane 10 part 1 youtube. This repository has been officially sanctioned by felis, but you are not permitted to redistribute this content commercially. To install xplane using a digital download product key, do the following. Freeware zibo b737800x xplane 11 top freeware sceneries of 2017. Its the longest produced plane in the world with her 45 years. Downloads freeware addons simwings windsock simulation xplane 11 xplane flightsim freeware fsx fs2004 fs2002 addons downloads xplane 11 1s2 darrington municipal airport scenery dublin airport mkstudios prepar3d flightsim x. March 2011 an an 148 broke up in midflight during the aircrafts test phase, killing its crew of six, on march 5th, 2011. The antonov an2 is known endearingly by the russian nickname of annushka or annie that was built by the antonov design bureau now state company to meet a 1947 soviet ministry of forestry requirement for a replacement for the then popular polikarpov po2.

Fs2004fsx antonov an2 9adiz textures only for vladimir zhyhulskiys an2. Includes virtual cockpit with fsx p3d compatible gauges, new camera views, new custom sounds for the an225. Pedros original version of this aircraft actually dates back to xplane 5, with updates occurring in xplane 7, 8 and then 9. Antonov an148 updated package for fsx fly away simulation. Before you press download, i wanna tell you some info so, this year, i. Angara airlines antonov an148 ra61710 landing and takeoff nrtrjaa duration. This is a new repo with the latest versions of an24 for xplane 11 with fixes applied by enthusiasts and fans. Cat is a fourengined turboprop passenger transport aircraft designed in the soviet union. Until late 2018, the antonov an148 aircraft was also being.

Contribute to ksgyantonov an2 development by creating an account on github. Xplane is a flight simulator for linux, mac os x and windows by laminar research. In addition, cubana grounded its an158 fleet as of may 2018 due to several technical issues with the aircraft. Antonov an2 by red eyes xplane aircraft design bureau.

That one was used to drop parachuters at a small airfield. Please remember to check out my top 10 addons to make xplane ultra. Released in 1983, it was the second aircraft to enter production by airbus industrie, the consortium of european aerospace companies now a subsidiary of airbus. The antonov an225, the longest and heaviest aircraft in the world is back in this unique pack containing 10 highquality hd repaints.

Antonov an148 pictures, specifications, cabin configuration. English how to startup an148 engines from cold and dark. Accidents and incidents involving the antonov an 148. The antonov an28 nato reporting name cash is a 2engined light prop transport aircraft, developed from the antonov an. Xplane 11 testing the jardesign antonov an148 youtube. Download our 2019 technology, media and telecoms predictions report. These codes are defined by both the international civil aviation organization. Antonow antonov an148 specifications technical data. The an148 aircraft is a highwing monoplane with two turbofan jet engines mounted in pods. Dmitriy pichugin photos at the antonov an 148 is a twinengined regional jet airliner with a capacity of maximum 80 passengers developed by the ukraine manufacturer antonov astc. Thanks to teejayone on, theres an update for xplane 11. Xplane 10 antonov an148 chicago o hare takeoff kord.

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