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Open speaker meetings open to alcoholics and nonalcoholics. We are not experts on the big book of alcoholics anonymous. Many books with wisdom can be read endlessly, and you find something new each time. This is the fourth edition of the big book, the basic text for alcoholics anonymous. Big book, discussion, location temporarily closed, open. The big book study meeting to study the big book with the big book study guide will enable us to better understand the vital knowledge that the authors of the book, alcoholics anonymous also called the big book, gives us based on their experience and knowledge of alcoholism and their recovery program. Near you, relaying meeting information from more than 300 a. Over 100,000 weekly meetings are currently listed, and the information is refreshed twice daily.

Anyone who would like to start a meeting and use this literature is welcome to do so. Big book fourth edition american sign language asl press release. Closed 12step meetings alcoholics anonymous, alanon family groups, and adult children of alcoholics meetings are generally closed meetings unless otherwise stated. The original way group meeting format and literature is all published below in printable. Aa meetings open, closed, big book, 12x12, speaker. In the case of big books, a number of meetings in the area give new members a copy to keep for their own use. Difference between 12step meetings and big book meetings. After opening the meeting, the group may spend a part or the rest of the. From forcefield analysis to fishbone diagrams, it transforms oftenintimidating facilitation and decisionmaking tools into quick, engaging activities that can be used successfully in virtually any business. Meetings archive alcoholics anonymous in rhode island. Attending an aa meeting drug rehab addiction treatment services. Aa big book workshop, taking the 12 steps as done in the 1940s.

All references to the topics will be found in the first 164 pages of the book, alcoholics anonymous. Big book step instructions highlights certain instructions in the big book for taking the step for that month. We close with the last two paragraphs of page 164 in the big book of alcoholics anonymous. These are suggested topics from the big book of alcoholics anonymous, as a guide to selecting a meeting topic for discussion meetings. We read the days daily reflection, then the speaker shares her experience, strength and hope, and reflects on the reading. Big book, discussion, open, speaker, step meeting, tradition study. The big book is a term commonly used to refer to the alcoholics. If you find any inconsistencies or you know of a meeting change, you can email us here. Open open meetings are available to anyone interested in alcoholics anonymous program of recovery from alcoholism. Sep 15, 2009 big book meeting reads a chapter from the book alcoholics anonymousthe big book and discusses it after. Listing does not constitute endorsement or approval of the meeting by cer.

Information on alcoholics anonymous alcoholics anonymous. May 29, 2002 the big book of meeting games offers meeting leaders 75 short, challenging, and fun activities to accomplish specific meeting objectives. This is an open meeting for members of alcoholics anonymous who have been or are affected by cancer, to include family members and caretakers. The speaker knows ahead of time that the meeting is an open meeting and there may be nonmember visitors present. Yellow springs united methodist church 202 s winter st. If you would like to make notations in the text, obtaining a personal copy is useful. Big book, discussion, location temporarily closed, open, step meeting, wheelchair access 7. Meeting types and descriptions alcoholics anonymous in. Suggested open meeting format alcoholics anonymous. Newcomers are welcome to attend any of our meetings and not just newcomer meetings. Sep 23, 2019 usually, but not always, open meetings are speaker meetings, at which one person has been designated to speak, telling their storywhat it was like, what happened, and what their life is like now. Central college presbyterian church 975 s sunbury rd.

Open meetings are open to the public while closed meetings are for members onlyhowever, each programs guidelines define who counts as a member. By attending digital meetings, groups can focus on a. Welcome to the happy, joyous, and free big book meeting of alcoholics anonymous. Difference between 12step meetings and big book meetings in. Bs, big book step study, this type of meeting focuses on specific material from the big book and the book twelve. At half past the hour the meeting is open for discussion on the reading. Massachusetts aa big book step study meetings concord. The book is designed to be a basic treatise on how to recover from alcoholism. Meeting guide syncs with area, district, intergroupcentral offices and international general service office websites some of which are listed on a. How to create an online meeting options for meeting online which includes anonymity settings. The reason is, the bb is the basic textbook for recovery in aa. To attend a person must do what is called identify as an alcoholic, which is to say preface every single thing that they say at the meeting with i am john doe, and i am an alcoholic.

Meeting schedule 368 main street laurel maryland 20707. Happy joyous and free big book meeting of alcoholics anonymous. New hampshire aa big book step study meetings concord nhbbss. It is open to all aa who per 3rd tradition have a desire not to drink.

Similarly, a big book meeting is a closed meeting of the religious organization alcoholics anonymous. This is an open big book study meeting on wednesdays at 8 pm est on zoom. This is an aa big book study that meets by skype every wednesday at 8pmcet 2pmestus. At a big book meeting, they readdiscuss and hopefully study the big book. Big book, location temporarily closed, open, wheelchair access. Big book the book alcoholic anonymous the big book is the text for these meetings. Alcoholics anonymous big book audio read aloud youtube. It works from the big book and one or more of the twelve traditions. Aa speaker turn our will and our lives over to the care of god new 20 duration.

Our format is that each meeting has two leads who read the big book line by line, sharing their experience, strength and hope throughout. Sunday keene big book step study keene serenity center 34 mechanic st 5. Nationwide online meetings, speaker tapes, and resources. What we endeavor to do is share our experience working the 12steps from the book alcoholics anonymous. Cers aa online meeting listing service lists english language aa online meetings in the central european time cet and central european summer time cest zone on our website. Discussion, location temporarily closed, online meeting, open, step meeting. We take six or so paragraphs from the book addressing each step and provide a panel of speakers who share continue reading open, big book, step study. Closed meetings are limited to persons who have a desire to stop drinking. This stands for big book which is story of alcoholics anonymous and how it works. Meeting types and descriptions alcoholics anonymous in rhode. Sometimes something that once seemed irrelevant or confusing will suddenly. The purpose of this meeting is to learn from the big book how to improve how we each work the 12 steps. Nonalcoholics may attend open meetings as observers. When the focus is on a specific text, usually the group supplies copies of the book for attendees.

The only obligation is that of not disclosing the names of a. Virginia beach, va 23451 type open, big book, wheelchair accessible meeting notes book discussion steps and big book district ocean front 32 submit a change to this meeting last update. A typical open meeting will usually have a leader and other speakers. Aa meeting topics from the big book whether youre looking for a topic for your next a. In keeping with our singleness of purpose and our third tradition which states that the only requirement for a.

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