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Ensure correctly rated supply wiring and circuit protection is used if an additional socket is to be looped off the rcd. Uk shaver sockets and french mains sockets look similar but are different the pins are a lot fatter on a shaver socket. All the changes in new 18th edition details from iet. Bg electrical wiring devices moulded shaver socket. Complies with requirements of 17th edition of wiring regulations bs 7671. Shaver socket outlets shaver supply units with safety isolating transformer contents a scope 2 b product features 3 c safety instructions 5 d installation 7 e disposal instructions 11 f changing the fuse 12 g guarantee 14.

Shaver sockets with 110 and 220v outlets are permitted in bathrooms but shaver sockets with only 220v outlets are not. Checking where to run the wires whilst the studs are only covered on one side. Thats why travel adaptors have two round holes to accept a shaver lead if you could just plug your regular shaver lead into a french socket they wouldnt be necessary. Shaver supply unit for bs 4573, us type a, australian twopin, and europlug type c.

Installation instructions 675hrcd30 shaver socket with. No licence is granted for the use of it other than for information purposes. In the uk you are not allowed normal sockets in a bathroom and radios require a 3 pin plugnormal socket to operate. So the 240 output on a shaver socket will actually be fed from a transformer with an equal number of turns on the input and output coils. Iet forums shaver sockets, compliance with current regs. It is an invaluable resource for students studying wiring related courses. Our offered socket is made available in varied specifications for our clients with different choices. Except for the connection of clocks, electric shavers and other circuits having.

Are they wired or limited differently to make them safe. Generally one used the same make pattresses as wiring accessories, but if you dont then be aware that some makes are square corners, while others are round radiused corners. Bg electrical moulded shaver socket requires a minimum mounting box depth of 47mm with a 115230v dual voltage. Loading description dual voltage shaver socket 115230v matt white. Ac power plugs and sockets connect electric equipment to the alternating current. A shaver socketoutlet without a transformer should conform to bs 4573 regulation 553. My razor charger 2pin wont fit in a continental socket. I have seen shaver outlets with no isolating transformer that supply a socket directly from the mains in bedrooms etc. Crabtree 115 230v dual voltage shaver socket white 2400 cef. Before use please read carefully and use in accordance with these safety wiring instructions. In addition, all shaver sockets include a transformer, and can be installed in a bathroom or shower room. A degree of protection of at least ipx1 is provided by a shaver supply unit. We like the design as it has a functional mirror, good lighting and a shaver socket inside.

Within the range of shaving sockets there are many features including dual input shave sockets, colour coded terminals for ease when installing and anti fingerprint lacquer to. Sockets are not allowed in bathrooms or shower rooms apart from. Its tough polycarbonate construction provides durability and is easy to clean. Locations containing a bath or shower socketoutlets other than selv socketoutlets and shaver supply units complying. We have bought and rejected the first 3 delivered bathroom cabinets that have been supplied to us. It is an invaluable resource for students studying wiringrelated courses.

If youre looking to install a shaver socket before you do read our simple guide to get you up and running on your project. Probably in violation of wiring regulations though. Standard practice for sparkies is about to face 194 changes. We run jpel64, the national wiring regulations committee, with representatives from a wide range of industry organisations. A comprehensive range of shaver sockets in a choice of colours and styles to suit any bathroom or cloakroom. The shaverpoint is rated ip21 and is suitable for bathrooms as well as any other room where a 20va shaver socket is required. The 18th edition of bs 7671 applies to the design, erection and verification of electrical installations, and also to additions and alterations to existing installations. It is an excellent source of guidance and its format makes it perfect for quick referencing.

Having correctly identified the wiring from your existing light fitting, pull the wire through the hole and connect to the connection block inside the product in the following way. If i plug my shaver into a single voltage 220v socket how is this more dangerous to plugging into a 220v outlet on a dual voltage socket. Slect either 240v or 110v depending on the model of shaver. Technical data shaver socket brief product description.

Both types of shaver socket should be connected through an fcu or fused connection unit, with the lowest fuse rating e. Electrical safety first is supported by all sectors of the electrical. Fitting an electrical shaver point how to fit a shaving. I am a member of the niceic but other scheme providers would be the same. These regulations may be cited as the electricity electrical installations regulations.

Shaver socket single plate polished chrome classic white insert dual voltage 115v 230v. Bathroom shavertoothbrush socket what does it consume. Both types of shaver socketoutlet may be of either class i. Shaver sockets in a variety of finishes and colours, chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel. I have wrote this because we appear to get quite a few questions on assessments for joining a scheme. You cannot put a socket as in amp type in a bathroom anyway never could and shaver lightsshaver sockets always have an isolation transformer in them for electrical safety.

We aim to bring you the latest and top quality electrical products and service. There are special requirements for electrical installations in bathrooms as most electrical work. Your rcd is designed to protect you against electrical faults to earth. Bg electrical 115 and 230volts dual voltage shaver socket, brushed steel with. Shaver supply unit with safety isolating transformer. The problem is that the isolating transformers have all been really noisy, even with the cabinet sat on carpeted floor.

Bathrooms are a bit of a special subject, for full details refer to the iie wiring regulations, but as a rule, ensure all apparatus ie, showers, shaver points etc have there earths connected to the pipe work of the bathroom using a 4mm earth cable. New electrical standards to impact sparkies and property. Generally a shaver socket can be fed staight from a local lighting circuit. As you will know the magazine is now an online version and i get regular emails. Notifiable project requiring building control approval. This book is the side companion to the wiring regulations.

Top sellers price high to low price low to high product brand a to z product brand z to a average star rating. A shaver point is the only electric socket outlet permitted in a bathroom. Shaver socket outlet must not be installed in bath. National wiring regulations sometimes prohibit the use of sockets adjacent to water taps, etc. Specially designed shaver units are an exception to this rule and can be located slightly nearer, but still no closer than 600mm.

By the way, its the same with my oralb electric toothbrush charger. Bs 7671 wiring regulations covers the electrical installation of buildings including the use of surge protection. Changes to the wiring rules asnzs 3000 will be released in march and are expected to become part of the code in early 2019. Electrical shaver points must be a safe distance in meters from the bath or. It also has a 2pin plug that wont fit in a german socket. Learn how to fit a mounting box and wire in a shaving plug. Shaver outlets with a safety isolating transformer should be used in a bath or shower room. Diynot says shaver sockets can be install a shaver socket either by connecting to a ring main with a junction box see adding a spur to a ring circuit. The iet copublishes bs 7671 with the british standards institution bsi and is the authority on electrical installation. The screwless design features an easy clip on cover, an internal gasket.

Easy to install long functional life unmatched quality 110230v. Do uk wiring regs allow a bathroom shaversocket to be. Shaver socket outlets shaver supply units with safety. It must be an isolated bs en 60742 transformer type, not just a 2 pin socket. Shaver socket page 1 homes, gardens and diy pistonheads. The latest range of screwless style wiring accessories. Bseed single shaver socket bathroom shaving sockets dual voltage 110 v 240 v stainless shaver socket outlet white uk. The transformer limits the available power to a small amount, so that is why the socket is different.

It must be installed in zone 2 or higher, and have additional bonding. Wiring should be in accordance with the latest edition of the iee regulations bs 7671. Rcds and concealed cable technique learning solutions. Minimum provision of electrical socketoutlets in the home. The answer to which is all about those with and without transformers. Your rcd is designed for use with frequently plugged in appliances such as. Ced is the exclusive importer of chint global products in south africa. Installation instructions 675hrcd30 shaver socket with rcd.

Guide to the wiring regulations landlord certificates. Complies with iee wiring regulations bs 7671 for use in rooms containing a fixed bath or. Electrical product mk electric homegb products wiring devices logic plus shaver socket outlets. By signing up to the global compact in 2006, this approach has been given a wider dimension.

Requirements for electrical installations for cable installed in a wall or partition with. Guidance from electrical safety first intended for electrically competent persons. All dual to supply 240v 110v shavers only dual supply 240v 110v shavers are suitable for use in bathrooms. Shaver sockets without transformers should not be used in a wet area such as a shower room or bathroom. The front of a shaver supply unit is marked with the rated voltages and with the symbol shown left. Shaver socket switch lamp led lamp switch and socket 2 way switch compact fluorescent lamp fluorescent lamp lamp lamp socket outlets socket outlets socket outlets line neutral. The noise is unacceptable at night when the stud wall that it mounts on seems to. An earthed circuit would, of course, be required if the shaver socket itself had a metal surround or exposed mounting screws. Yes, a shaver socket can be wired to an non rcd lighting circuit. Wiring regulations bs 7671 electrical safety first. Earthing something that was designed not to have one is dangerous.

Lap 2gang dual voltage shaver socket 115 230v white 63953 raised slim profile. White moulded shaver socket data sheet bg electrical. Please note that due to constant changes in regulations the user should satisfy themselves that. All at trade prices and fast delivery from astra, bury, manchester, lancashire, bl90lu. After next year all bathroom circuits must be via an rcd. Shaver socket bathroom accessories electrical sockets.

Includes the application of the requirements of the 17th edition of the iet wiring regulations, as amended bs 7671. Owing to perfection and quality oriented approach, we have carved niche in the markt by offering an enormous grade assortment of shaver socket. Shaver socket installation screwfix community forum. In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires appliance means any device which uses electricity for a particular purpose but does not include a luminaire or an independent motor.

Newly purchased unused 2 gang white shaver socket in original box. The double wound transformer limits the voltage to earth to 55 volts. Earthing the cabinet may not be a good idea as you may be creating a danger rather than removing one. When choosing a shaver socket for a bathroom, look for the british standard bs3535. Horizontal or inclined ceilings, walls with or without windows. Wiring in a shaver socket showing 19 of 9 messages.

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